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A    P  R  E  C  I  O  U  S     C  O  M  M  O  D  I  T  Y

I  N    A     F  O  R  E  T  H  O  U  G  H  T     E  X  P  E  D  I  T  I  O  N 


About us

Reverse Osmosis Plants        

          We provide quality Reverse Osmosis Plant that is designed using advance methods, which include analytical monitoring and automations. Our plants comprise RO membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and antiscalants, corrosion inhibitors, biocides and de-chlorinators. Our advanced formulations have been made specifically for the international desalination and reverse osmosis sectors and offer better cost, safety, environmental and operational performance benefits over traditional products.

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Industrial RO Water Filter

.............which involves getting process parameters like flow rate, pressure, media specifications, material compatibility, dirt load and designing complete system. Our Industrial Filtration Systems are made from high class material. Moreover, we offer customized solutions to our clients as per their individual specifications


Bottling Plants

We offers Gravity and Pressure Gravity bottle filling equipment with speeds and neck handling technology to assure optimum production rates. There are Tribloc rinser, filler and capper configurations with enclosure options available, and change parts carts.

         Started in 2005, headquartered in PUNE, VISHWA ENTERPRISE is one of the largest and fastest growing industrial water and process treatment companies in India. We create lasting partnerships and sustainable value by aligning our entire organization around the common goal of making our customers more successful.

        VISHWA ENTERPRISE does more than just maintaining environmental regulatory compliance, we assist our customers in meeting their own objectives to minimize adverse environmental impacts from their processes through the development of industry-leading sustainable water treatment programs. This investment has led to the creation of JAL-a community programme for sustainable water solutions.

Pet Moulding Machines

       We are one of the largest PET blow molding machine suppliers in India, and the machines are in stable operation in 103 countries. We can provide a comprehensive range of services, be it molds, production machines, full production lines, we offers the best solutions.


Effluent Treatment Plants

Our company is a major manufacturer of Effluent Treatment Plants that are constructed from high quality raw materials. Our effluent treatment plant matches the international and national standard norms. Our plant remains odorless, compact & sturdy design and quick to install.